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boot0: error with single MBR partition!

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I have just installed Lion on my Dell L502x laptop with most of devices working.

However I am not able to boot from HDD without bootdisk :(. I didn't create GUID Partition because my lappy doesnt support booting from GPT disk, so i used MBR patch and installed Lion on MBR disk.


What I did,

1. formatted whole HDD.

2. inserted windows 7 DVD and created 2 partitions without formatted, and 1 reserved partition which windows 7 creates.

3. rebooted and installed Lion on one of the partitioned.

4. installed kexts n so n so and at last chimera!

5. rebooted and got boot0: error!


Also tried,

1. deleted all partitions except the one where Lion is installed.

2. then installed chimera and set Lion partition active.

3. Did above many times with minor changes.

4. rebooted.

5. boot0: error!


weird, because I dont have any other formatted partitions on my system. I even deleted all partitions except the Lion's. Made it active and reinstalled chimera as well, I did this more than 10 times now! still same error! :(. Its the only available partition on HDD and still getting this error! any clue about this?

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hope it will help ;) .


So youre saying that if the boot1h file isnt there and you boot into single

user mode and replace it it will fix your bootloader?

Well i go to the file location i find it there. Am i doing something wrong?


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what i did is , I booted from backup mac os on other partition, then unmounted the Lion partition and performed above task on that unmounted partition. you dont need to login as single user..just do it normally.

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