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  1. amit_talkin

    El Capitan Skylake USB

    Anyways, I successfully installed it on physical partition using VMWare and now will boot from that partition on real machine and fix kexts. I had no luck installing it from real machine. But as always virtual installation trick helped me.
  2. amit_talkin

    El Capitan Skylake USB

    Hi again @C.Frio, Here are few BIOS changes I have made. VT-d Disabled CFG Lock Disabled Win 8/10 Support Disabled Win 7 Installation Support Disabled Fast Boot Disabled Secure Boot Disabled LAN Rom Disabled Memory uses XMP profile, BIOS is up to date. ( I have also modded BIOS to show IOAPIC option so I can disable them even though it is patched in config.plist. But somehow BIOS still not showing me that option ). I tried iMac 17.1 SMBIOS but it gives me error "this version of mac is not supported on this platform". Thanks for headsup. I actually just gave it a shot as nothing is working for me. Thanks to letting me know that this is obsolete.
  3. amit_talkin

    El Capitan Skylake USB

    @C.Frio, Thanks for the reply. Yes, I have tried all the boot args nv_disable=1, dart=0 kext-dev-mode=1 -v -x -f everything. disabled serial port as well in BIOS. tried different USB Ports ( I have tried different ports except usb 3.1gen2 on mobo ) . It always reboot just after that 1st ++++++++++++++++++ line. I dunno whats wrong here.
  4. amit_talkin

    El Capitan Skylake USB

    I need help here. I tried all possible ways ( tried many config.plist and kexts ) to install 10.11 on my MSI Gaming M5 Z170A motherboard + i7 6700k + 980TI GTX system. Everytime I try to boot from USB, it just reboots after pressing enter to boot from USB in clover menu. No error or anything, it just reboots after 2-5 seconds. Tried everything I could find out on google about fixing the issue ( IOAPIC patch ) as well as tried various config.plist from other skylake guides but it all giving me same thing. I have disabled VT-d, CFG LOck and enabled XHCI in bios. After messing up with it for 2 days I finally think I would ask You guys for help. Does anyone have clue whats going wrong here?
  5. amit_talkin

    Help with HD5970 on 10.10.x

    I need help to get my HD5970 working on Yosemite. I was able to get it working until 10.7, but after that I took a break from OSx86, now I am back but many things changed since 10.7. Old kexts not working on 10.10 anymore. Need help with it.