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HP Envy 14-1195ez - MAC OS 10.7.X Lion

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this Thread is about running OSX Lion 10.7.X on the HP Envy 14-1195.

This is planned as basic Howto, but also a Help Thread for me and otherh to get te System working.


I got the Notebook two weeks ago relative cheap on ebay (Refurbished, with Warranty) and as a MacBook Pro clone it just screamed to me to get the "real" thing working :P


I spend allready many days (and nights) on this, maybe even too much. But i allready achived quite a lot imo. Tho on some Parts i still need more to find out or help from the community.

Installation went fine with the latest myHack installer, only some minor /Extra Modifications to get it working.


Basic Hardware Information:

  • Processor: Intel Core i7 740QM
  • Chipset: Intel HM55 Express
  • Ram: 8GB 1333Mhz
  • Graphics: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 (Vendor: 0x1002 Device: 0x68C1)
  • Display: Brightview - 1366x768
  • Ethernet: Realtek RTL8168D/8111D-Familie-PCI-E-Gigabit-Ethernet-NIC (Vendor: 0x10EC Device: 0x8168)
  • Wifi: Broadcom 43224AG 802.11a/b/g/draft-n Wi-Fi Adapter (Vendor: 0x14E4 Device: 0x4353)
  • Audio: IDT High Definition Audio CODEC (Vendor: 0x111D Device: 0x7605)
  • Bluetooth: Broadcom Bluetooth (Working OOB)
  • Webcam: HP HD Webcam (Working OOB)
  • Touchpad: Synaptics Multitouch-Pad (ACPI\SYN1E2A)

What is working:

  • Processor - 100% (Vanilla Kernel only cpus=1, needs HP lapic fix, legacy Kernel, Link)
  • Graphics - 90% (With patched chameleon boot file, Bootoptions and custom EDID, See)
    QE/CI = Yes ; Resultion=Full
    BrightnessControl = Yes (Hardware Keys)
    HDMI = Not working (atleast for me)
    DisplayPort = Not tested
    ColorDepth = Only 16bit?
  • Ethernet - 100% (Used Lnx2Mac RTL 81XX Driver Package Link)
  • Audio - 100% (Used a modified VoodooHDA.kext, Link)
    Speakers = Yes
    internal Mic = Yes
    LineOut = not tested yet
    Mic In = not tested yet
    HDMI = not tested yet
  • USB - 100% (Works OOB)
  • Webcam - 80% (Works OOB, also in Facetime, but strange blocky LowRes in other Applications)
  • Bluetooth - 100% (Works OOB)
  • Touchpad - 70% (Only Mouse Mode, Basic Control works, no Scrolling etc. with the Kexts i tried yet)
  • Battery Info - 100% (Used this, it works but uses SL Kext, a better solution is planned)
  • Bultin Cardreader - 100% (Worked OOB, but i plan to get it recognized as a internal Apple one, See)

Whats is NOT working:

  • Wifi - (Buildin not working, probably needs Replacement, Envy Expansion Slot?)
  • Sleep - (Havent tried much yet here)

Other smaller and bigger Problems:

  • Screen wont turn off! (Annoying!!!)
  • Lion still demands Keyboard/Mouse tho internal Keyboard and Trackpad works fine
    (Just fixed this by simply turning it off in the Bluetooth Menu :lol: )
  • Awful Battery Life - It reports arround 4 Hours but its only arrouch 1,5 - 2 Hours, CPU-Fan is constantly turning, maybe Speedstep not working right?
  • ... more to come ...

Current Progress:


My first goal was to get a Basic System working with Full CPU, Graphics, Audio working.

Because if i couldnt get one of these Components to work, the System would be useless, atleast for me.

This personal Goal was achived one Day ago and now i want to Focus on getting those other components which make some problems (Listed some of them) working fine.


Touchpad and Sleep is the next Goal for me, i allready tried a ton of kext for the Touchpad but none really worked, for example, i found one that works perfect as mouse with no scrolling etc, i also found one that works perfect with scrolling but not tapping or clicking.

I Hope someone else can help me here.

Sleep is another mayor Problem, for a good working notebook it is needed imo. Havent tried much here yet, hope someone can help me here.


Another thing planned is a DSDT mod, but i dont know really where to start here, heard that i could help getting things like sleep and battery working in a better/cleaner way but someone has to point me in the right direction here.





If i get a more polished System i plan to write a Howto. I allready noted every of my step (if it was Successful or not) and in the near future i plan to clean that up and put it online for others to get the same good working System.

If you need Help feel free to ask, but you could also wait a little for the real thing :(

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