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Intel D915PBLL Motherboard


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I have mobo Intel D915PBLL with P4 550 3.4 GHz cpu

Video card = Sapphire x1600pro 512 (not 'fixed' yet)


10.4.6 installed properly.

USB works

Audio out works

Audio in does not work

Network via ethernet worked out of the box


Note: When I upgrade to 10.4.7 when I try to run DMG file or something I get the cursor to turn into 'rainbow circle'.

Update - Finder crashes in 10.4.6 - could it be because I am running off an SATA drive?


I did the USB upgrade - http://developer.apple.com/hardwaredrivers...d/usbdebug.html

Downgraded to 10.4.6 and it works again


XBench Reference

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