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TOSHIBA L500 w. ATI 4650 - SNOW 10.6.8 simplified mini guide + Kexts

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AFTER my LION Guide, here one for 10.6.8 on the L500 :


THIS IS A HOWTO from Top to ground and we use APPLE RETAIL MEDIA.


I HATE "DISTROS" because in the first it is simply Piracy which I do not support - no exception. Also to use stock Apple DVDs will teach you a lot how simple it can be to make OSX run on a PC, because we simply need fakesmc,smbios and a few kexts for our non-apple-hardware plus a Bootloader. And only because these files are missing from Apples DVDs we need to make our own or put it all together on a USB drive. It is not hard to do and also on a "distro" there is so much {censored} and confusing things that can do more harm then good. Remember : they ( the producers of these "idenebs"/"iatkos" etc ) target not YOUR machine, but all sorts of, but not necessarily your specific kexts are included, maybe even wrong ones that will lead to kernelpanic on YOUR machine.


In other words : make it self and you know what you have.. :-P




This Guide follows the same "easy as possible" scheme, so I don't show you 3 different and confusing methods to activate the QE/CI but focus only on one single method that will work as long as your device ID matches mine and the L500 is identical configured hardwarewise.


The only choice I leave to you is if you want 32 or 64bits, and if you have a DSDt if you want to go with AppleHDA or VoodooHDA, if you use Nullcpu+Sleepenabler or better like a fully vanilla system, then go without the both , but then you need a dsdt that is really working on your machine.


The following Laptop: TOSHIBA SATELLITE L500 - 120, Core2Duo - 4GB - PSLJ3E series[/color] - late 2009 produced, sold also as L505/550 and other names. BIOS used is a PHOENIX ( v1.8 to v2.10 ), this machine has a ATI MOBILITY HD 4650 with 1GB of VRAM , device ID 9480 ( Also known as "M96" ) .





- BIOS settings in the L500 = DEFAULT, AHCI enabled , you can turn OFF Wifi, it is of no use - the 5100AGN card will not work, it is the only device that needs a replacement.


Notice : method works for arch=i386 and arch=x86_x64 , Kexts are all 32+64bit comaptible.




- install retail OSX 10.6.x to start :


you will either find 10.6.0 or 10.6.3 "upgrade" DVDs in stores or at ebay ( the 29euro upgrade DvD is the full version but only license-wise so cheap, because the target audience are Leopard Users. However the Installer does NOT check for 10.5.x on the HDD - so no restrictions. ) , please be aware that you need the FULL UNLOCKED versions, not "grey" Apple "restore" disks.


The Greys are "recovery dvds" that match only specific Macs, comparable to the systemlocked Windows Restore Disks. The full version of Snow has the white Leopard cover, comes with 2 apple stickers included and can be identified with the nakes eye as a "shiny new OSX disk".. OSX Snow is also sold together with ilife11 and iwork09 as "Mac Box Set" ( last seen v 10.6.5 shipping in it ) ; it is no matter which one of the Upgrade/Full Solo /Mac Box Set you use, they both need to be updated to 10.6.8 in all cases until we are finnished :






- Use a BootCD or a custom USB ( recommended ) to boot into the install process :


Boot with "[url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url]" or any self-prepared boot CD/ boot USB stick ( xmove.app will create one ), the method is up to you. You use the VANILLA ( unmodified ) Apple kernel, the CPU in the L500 is a Penryn Core2Duo T6500 and it can perfectly run OSX kernel without any tweak.


Kexts you need on your BootCD/USB and later put in /S/L/E:


don't forget to make correct UNix permissions on them before putting them in /Extra/Extensions , always this schema , otherwise a kext cannot be used in OSX :


chmod -R 755 /path_to_kexts/*.kext


chown -R root:wheel /path_to_kexts/*.kext


for the SATA disk/DVD ( Intel ICH9-M )



to avoid BIOS resets on reboot :



Nullcpu ( until you have a DSDT fixed and can then use OSX safely without it ) :



the most important one, the faked Macs EFI SMC environment :



these above pre-install needed kexts you best put into /Extra/Extensions on the CD's preboot or a USBs root level . Basically thats all you need to get started for the beginning.


SMBIOS/ Mac Faking


technically for the Graphics we would need a iMac9,1 - 10,1 or 11,1, but for Sleep and so the SMBIOS which I think is best suited for the Laptop is that of a MacBookPro5,1 which is around age and cpu wise identical to L500's hardware, except for the graphics ( the mbp 5,1 has a nvidia ) - but that is fixed with my Ati kexts that I have made .


SMBIOS ( in /Extra ) : smbios.plist.zip




In the OSX Installer launch Disk-Utility from the "tools" menubar, partition the internal Harddrive as GUID/GPT partition scheme ( only chosse MBR if you have a modded OSinstall.mpkg inside the Installer or use "distros" ) and the 1st partition that you wish to install SL on format as Apple journalized ( HFS+)


Install OSX now from the USB/DVD to the created partition, choose "Rosetta.pkg" if you need support for PowerPC ( old Mac apps, pre-Tiger ) only. In Lion this feature ( and iSync, and frontrow ) is gone, so don't get used to it too much..


POST-INSTALL - 2x USB boot again : copy the Extra Folder to the local HDD


After Installation, you need to boot a second time from your special boot medium, this time to launch terminal from the Menubar, navigate to your Harddisk manually ( cd / volumes/xxx ) and copy the /Extra folder from the boot medium to the internal disk .


cp -R /volumes/bootmedium_name/Extra/ /volumes/internal_hdd-name/


ALSO if the OSX version is not 10.6.6 or later that you have used for setup ( and this is very important or you will have a black screen !) :


In this you MUST remove all ATI drivers from OSX , use this command in the terminal :


rm -R /volumes/Name_of_internal_HDD/System/Library/Extensions/ATI*.*


Then finally the 3rd reboot from the USB , but now select the internal HDD to boot.


Once you are inside OSX ( in vesa mode at 1024x768 ) , use a USB mouse and keyboard to complete the setup wizard , install Chameleon / PC_Efi / Chimera / XPC -Bootloader to the internal Disk , so that the USB/DVD is no longer needed for booting.


UPDATE TO 10.6.8


Now run the offline 10.6.8 combo-update ( Apple released a bad update pack, notice that the fixed version has a v1 in the name ) , it will install with no issues.




navigate to /System/Library/Extensions


delete again all files beginning with ATI ( you can also remove all AppleIntelGMA(X),all GeForce, all NVDA*, all ATTO*, all Highpoint*, all ACard*, all AppleThunderbolt* .. )



Still not reboot, now put in the following kexts to /System/Library/Extensions :


-for PS2 Keyboard and Synaptics Trackpad :



-for ALC727 Sound ( voodooHDA ) :



PCI/ACPI + Battery 10.6.8 ( helps also against "Pci configuration begins.." error ) :



for ATI 4650 with 1366x768 QE/CI , booting with NO GraphicsEnabler (QE/CI is done via ATY_init ! ) and a compatible MacBookPro5,1 SMBIOS Powermanager-kext for Fanspeeds


patched APPLERTC to enable Sleep :



Realtek Cardreader Internal (front) :



Realtek built-in 8101/E/L ETHERNET LAN :




optional but very useful PREFPANES for Sound and Trackpad ( enables Mic/Volume/Stereo Enhancer and for Synaptics TP also tap to click, drag and click, 2Finger, Edge scrolling ) , they both go in /LIBRARY/Prefpanes ( not SYSTEM.. ! ) :




post-156995-1314121615_thumb.png post-156995-1314121627_thumb.png


afterwards run Kextutility to repair permissions or manually with chown/chmod


Reboot, do not wonder if the first boot seems to hang or take forever ( we just updated the complete OS and exchanged a loads full of kexts , this is normal ) .


The first boot after the update process has finnished you should land in OSX at 1366x768, OpenGL,QE/CI activated, transparent menubar and all the effects. You should have sound,working Lan, working trackpad with lots of option in Systemsettings, the FN-Keys for volume up and down, Brightness and mute should work ( even without a DSDT ) .


TO DO NOW after 10.6.8 and enabling hardware :


simply run Software Update, it will bring in iTunes 10.4.x, safari 5.x,Java etc .. no new kexts that are critical , so all updates are safe. I think it is safe to say that Apple will not release a 10.6.9 update, so the level of stability should last as long as you wish regarding kexts and kernel etc.


For Wifi


you will either need to replace the internal 5100AGN pci express card ( half-sized ! ) under the keyboard, or use a cheap USB dongle with OSX kexts and utilities for WEP/WPA/PSK etc. I use a sitecom WL-608 for which RALINK has Tiger,Leopard and Snow Leopard software , this device is reliable and works ( even in 64bit mode and also properly awakes when the L500 wakes from sleep ).




post-156995-1314121420_thumb.png post-156995-1314122422_thumb.png


"just works", it is a "Chicony" = built for Toshiba as vendor , its a UVC usb2.0 generic cam with 640x480 1.3mp support ) will work without a kext or mod but you will find it strange that the picture is black in Apples own OSX apps. Thats because the signal is not in the app. OSX can treat UVC cams good, as long as they are external like Logitechs cameras, but for internal cams OSX just supports the "iSight" or "facetime" cams, nothing else.


A tiny tool helps us here : All you need is to FIRST launch PhotoBooth/ichat video/Quicktime Record Video etc, and THEN "cameracontrol.app" - this activates the cam and forces its signal to the open Apple app.


as seen by netkas : CameraControl.zip


Optional files / for DSDT fixed Systems


-SLEEPENABLER 10.6.8 , for if using NULLCPU , needs "pmVersion=23" in com.apple.boot.plist, must have at least dsdt mods : DTGP USB changed all six to internal and ICH9 to ICH10 device names. Uncheck : "put Disks to sleep when possible" in Energysaver Settings if your DVD is not a SONY. Other models will block sleep else.


-APPLEHDA instead VoodooHDA, must have at least DTGP and HDEF pin config fix in DSDT to use. :ALC272_L500_dsdt_.zip


MY DSDT.AML ( fully fixed with all OSX mods ) only for reference, this can only be used on your machine if it is a exactly the same L500 Model.



A word how I boot the Setup everyday :


I boot in i386mode, ( x64 also not a single problem, sometimes I change it If I do a lot of work in x64 apps that can handle the power best but for regular stuff and with 2 to 4GB I recommend i386mode ) mach_kernel default, ethernet built in, NO graphics Enabler (! important ) , No ATI ROM ( not needed anymore for the new method ) , and I boot with Chimera Bootloader ( from tonymacx86 ) v1.4, but various Chameleons have also been reliable, so the choice is fully up to you. I use Nullcpu and Sleepenabler because I find the machine is a bit cooler then going with Apples vanilla powermanger, Sleep is working for me, the LPC is loaded - SBUS and SMBIOSPCI is registered, so all hardware is recognized in OSX. For Sound I personally go with VoodooHDA because it works best with a special application that I use to enhance my sound ( "Hear.app" ).


I have "GeneratePStates" and also "GenerateCStates" to "YES".


My Machine can sleep and wake with no problems, suspend to ram ( default in OSX ) as well as suspend to disk ( can be configured using the pmset command in terminal )

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hey there!

I have same hardware like yours and I'm looking around but can't find a solution to a doubt.


How can I add the extra kexts to [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] CD with Windows or Ubuntu/Debian ?



EDIT: Can you upload an [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] image with the extra kexts please? I'll be very grateful :) (don't know anybody with a Mac, and I'm not able to do it in VMware :S)

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hey there!

I have same hardware like yours and I'm looking around but can't find a solution to a doubt.


How can I add the extra kexts to [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] CD with Windows or Ubuntu/Debian ?



EDIT: Can you upload an [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] image with the extra kexts please? I'll be very grateful ;) (don't know anybody with a Mac, and I'm not able to do it in VMware :S)


For boot/install only fakesmc,nullcpu and a smbios is needed. I am pretty sure these files are on all generic boot disks , else OSX is not installable on any non-apple machine .


You can add everything L500 specific afterwards. No panic.


And no I don't know how to do DMG mastering in non-osx . Sorry.

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For boot/install only fakesmc,nullcpu and a smbios is needed. I am pretty sure these files are on all generic boot disks , else OSX is not installable on any non-apple machine .


You can add everything L500 specific afterwards. No panic.


And no I don't know how to do DMG mastering in non-osx . Sorry.


OK, well I managed to install almost everything, only sound and wifi/ethernet don't work (using a RTL8191SE), but that doesn't matter to me, I'm capable of programming in xcode without problems.


Thanks for the tutorial! ;)

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First of all, thanks for this usefull howto ;)


Like everybody, I was worried about native Wi-Fi support on Toshiba L500 series.

Genuine Wi-Fi chip (RTL8191SE) don't seems to be supported yet.


Then, I swap cards, and installed an Atheros AR5008. Unfortunately, Bios silently discarded my card (whitelist), and unpowered it.

I had two options, cover pin20 of my card (to ignore power/unpower signal) OR extract/modify BIOS whitelist. I did the second option and it work pretty well now!


For tech guys, withelist is located in BIOSCOD02.ROM, between offset 49F0 and 4A20.


By the way, here is the complete whitelist for Toshiba L500 series, this could be usefull to change your wificard without trouble... And good news, some Atheros cards are listed :)


168C:002A (Atheros AR928X)

168C:002B (Atheros AR9285)

8086:4235 (Intel WiFi Link 5300)

8086:4232 (Intel WiFi Link 5100)

8086:423C (Intel WiFi Link 5150)

10EC:8199 (Realtek 8187SE)

10EC:8192 (Realtek 8192SE)

10EC:8172 (Realtek 8191SE)

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I have been following this guide for a Toshiba Satellite L515-S4925 unit. I assumed that the hardware was similar enough for many of these kexts to work, but indeed life is not that simple and a full install with this guide ultimately leads to kernel panic. I was curious if anyone who had tried this guide had any insight into my specific hardware. I have not been able to find much information on this model via searches on the forums or google relating to turning it into a hackintosh.


I have successfully been able to install Snow Leopard 10.6 and update to 10.6.8 without problems. Sound works with kext in the above method, but thats about it. The native kexts that are present on the i-boot 3.2 cd I am using have allowed me to use the integrated keyboard and trackpad without problems; however, when I install a boot loader (I've only tried Chimera 1.9) I am unable to use the integrated keyboard and trackpad. Does anyone know why this is? Is it overwriting the kext files that are used from i-boot?


At the moment, these are the only hardware differences I am aware of are that the L515-S4925 has:

Graphics - Intel GMA 4500M

Chipset - Intel GL40


Any help or direction is much appreciated!




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