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Fujitsu S761

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Hello, i've been trying to install this for 3 days and I think it's fairly usable now.

Going to write a little howto for anyone interested.



Sandy Bridge

Core i5 2.50ghz

Intel Graphics HD3000

Intel Ethernet lan (e1000)

ALC269 / Intel hd sound

Wifi Atheros AR9287

PS2 Synaptics trackpad and keyboard

usb3 host

crappy camera (says FJ camera)


Stuff not working:

O2 sd card

bluetooth BCM2070

fingerprint sensor

3g internal modem (sierra wireless, MC8305) - well, really it wasn't tested yet


installing lion

To install lion, I followed this thread: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=256729 until the post installation part.

In reality, because I wanted lion installed in MBR, the OSInstall.mpkg didn't work, so I've used myHack http://myhack.sojugarden.com/

After the install usb was done, I had to use the "Extras" (Extra Lion DP4, GM and FINAL) attached from the mentioned thread, otherwise it wouldn't boot the installer - i just needed the right osinstall, if you don't want dual boot you can just format with GPT, or better yet format it with GPT and install windows after that (I can't do this...)


post boot

After booting lion, I needed to do a lot of work finding out the drivers that worked and tweaking the DSDT (mald0n got me started). Here's the summarized instructions:

- install chameleon 2.0 final, or the svn build >2.1

- use the attached Extra folder (extract it to the root), this has the DSDT.aml compiled for the fujitsu s761, the fakesmc.kext and smbios for the macbook8,3

- extract the other kext's that are necessary for hardware not natively supported, to S/L/E and then fix permissions

- use the speed_stepper_lion_gm.zip as instructed in http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=258611

- use the lacie usb3 driver, download directly from lacie http://www.lacie.com/download/drivers/LaCi....0%20Driver.dmg

- you need to remove the AppleHDA.kext for voodooHDA to work, I couldn't find a way to enable the alc269 natively.


final system

I have upgraded to 10.7.1, works just fine. airdrop appears, but my macbook pro can't see this computer, so I guess it doesn't work :P

I still have to try the hdmi connection, vga seems fine. Battery is detected through voodooBattery.



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You can change the extension to AML in Windows for the record.

You will need to apply a few patches to get it working with OSX, search for DSDT Editor.


DSDT is universal, you can use it with Tiger/Leopard/Lion/Mountain Lion, it is not OS specific.


Hope this helps.

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Yeah, the Extra folder is still working with El Capitan and Enoch (after a few fixes like latest kexts and an optimized config file). Thanks man, now I can shutdown my S761 and adjust the display brightness!!!

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Hi nfsprodriver,


I have a S761, but I don't know how is the procedure to install el capitán in my laptop. Can you help me, with some points about that? Or links where there are information about this.



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