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Help! MBP crashes in Games

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I've got a Problem with my 2ghz 15,4' MBP.


Everytime i run a game (wow, Quake 4 etc) the game freezes on me wihtin 15seconds-30 minutes.

Just an instant freeze, sometimes the music,soundfx continue for some while.


This happens to me under both os x and win xp via BootCamp.


Things ive tried so far:

OS X: Reinstalled wow, installed ati programm, updatet firmware and osx, redid "bad" 4.7 update, checked ram (memtest) and performance (xbench) all ok, updatet quicktime to 7.1.1., created a new account, did osx hardware check..a ok


xp: down- and overclocked card via atitools, re installed bootcamp,xp and wow, used omegadrivers


i dont know what to do...maybe my videocards broken?


thanks for your help!

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