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Sound Issues VMware Snow Lepoard EmpireEFI

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I installed Mac snow leopard as virtual machine in vmware by instructions from this video:



I cant get the audio workin properly though. Its there and i can hear it but its broken, gargled, crackled, whatever just very distorted and lots of pops and crackles plus usaully the audio sounds like its been slowed a bit. I ran the vmtools and the ensoniq audio drivers and rebooted and all but still cannot get the audio working properly. :(


Any ideas??

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I hate to break this to you but unfortultly there is no way to fix it without buying something

Zenith432 stated that because of how vmware works there is now way to fix this without

1: Reverse enginerring the apple core audio framework and making it not check the buffer drain

2: Change something in vmware


But however if you buy a usb sound card you might be able to fix the issue

And when your buying a usb sound card make sure its compadible with os x snow


And then connect the sound card to the virtual machine and install the nessary drivers

And that should fix the issue

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So ur sayin that is has to do wit mac and vmwares audio engines and stuff an i need another sound card. Any recommendations for sound cards u think would work good in this situation? Preferably something cheap and usb interface just to be able to use the audio without spendin alot or installin new hardware

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This is a really extremely late reply, but I wanted to share my solution:


1) Download & Install Soundflower http://cycling74.com/soundflower-landing-page/

2) In the menubar icon select it for the "2ch" select VMware audio device

3) hover mouse on Soundflower 2ch->

4) Set buffer to 64 if that doesn't work play with settings, 64 works perfectly for me

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