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  1. This is a really extremely late reply, but I wanted to share my solution: 1) Download & Install Soundflower http://cycling74.com/soundflower-landing-page/ 2) In the menubar icon select it for the "2ch" select VMware audio device 3) hover mouse on Soundflower 2ch-> 4) Set buffer to 64 if that doesn't work play with settings, 64 works perfectly for me
  2. I've been scowering the forums for a fix for a couple weeks now, installed all forms of VoodooHDA, Ensoniq audio to fix the audio stuttering issues in Snow Leopard 10.6.8 on VMware, I ended up taking a break for a bit, and attempted to start the VM in Virtualbox, the audio works flawlessly without lag. The problem is however, in Virtual box i have non of the benefits of VMware Additions for OSX (Video Drivers, Shared Folders About This Mac, etc... and quite a few other things don't work properly. Is there possibly a way to use VMware additions on a virtual machine in Virtualbox or use Virtualbox Audio device in VMware? If not is there some way to figure out the difference at boot/loading etc thats allowing Virtualbox to properly play audio, view USB connected items, and mounted CD Images? There has to be a way....after audio most every problem is solved and the install is flawless (USB/Mounted can be ignored because of VMware shared folders) Possibly if i can get some more adept people to assist me, together we can provide a workaround for all the Audio Stutter woes that envelop the forums (at least from extensive googling past few days hello 150 tabs >.>) Thanks in advance, even if i'm just plucking at straws, typing this relieves a bit of stress as i've been troubleshooting this for a week or so straight