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I would really be grateful to you guys if anyone could work on a port for AION,using the launcher from InfiniteAion`s team...

here`s InfiniteAION`s website link

On PC`s you have to use NCsoft`s launcher to update the game,but anything else runs using the IAlauncher, so if anyone can get this done I`ll be thankful like a zZzZillion times :wacko:

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You do realize your asking for a lot, right?

Have you tried to see if the game can be ran under WINE or Crossover Games?

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Well almost a year has gone by, and some things have changed...

AION is Free to Play now http://www.aionfreetoplay.com/website/

Maybe now it`ll be easier to port this, I think our friends from http://portingteam.com are already thinking about it (check http://portingteam.c...aion-went-free/ )

If anyone could give it a try I`d be really thankful, because I`ve tried it in various ways,Crossover Games,Crossover, Wine, Wine Bottler,WinOnX, and most recently, Wineskin Winery but no success :)

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