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Display Resolution too Low on 20" iMac with XP


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Yesterday I installed Bootcamp on the 20" intel iMac with X1600 (256Mb video) video card.

I inserted the bootcamp driver cd after XP installation and let it install the drivers and stuff.

When it installed the display driver it put an ATI folder on the desktop.

When I tried to increase the resolution to the native 1680x1200 the maximum that the settings allowed me to set were 1400x1280 or something like that.


What is wrong, do I have to get a different driver from somewhere to display at native resolution or did something get messed up during install ??


I installed Windows XP Pro with SP2 but its not a retail version ( I got it from http://www.viosoftware.com/Windows+XP+Prof...P2+CD+Only.html ) but I don't think that should make a difference since its the full version. The funny thing is after the XP install all that is displayed on the XP desktop is the Recycle bin and nothing else, no "my computer" or any other icons. Also when pressing on the windows start icon it takes about a second for menu to pop up ie some delay.


Any suggestions, fixes, are appreciated as this computer needs to be dual bootable for my wife.

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