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Upgrading iMac's and Mac Mini's Core Duo to Core 2 Duo

Don Luca

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Hi everyone,


some days ago, I came across people here that were saying that is possible to ugrade Mac Mini's and iMac's Core Duo to a more powerful Core 2 Duo.


First of all, Id like to know if it is possible and if everyone already did it or is planning doing it.


Second, I'd like to know how we can open our macs and change processor "safely". By safely I mean without damaging the hardware.


Last, I'd like to know what kind of Core 2 Duo Processor we can put in, as a more powerful processor needs a better dissipation otherwise it melts.


Thanks in advance.


EDIT: changed title

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I found a very good guide on how to upgrade a Mac Mini Core Duo to a Core 2 Duo.

It seems that it works perfect and is 30% faster than the normal Core Duo.


Here's the link to the guide:




Any news or guides on how to upgrade iMacs?


That link shows the person upgrading their Mac mini from a T2300 1.6ghz CoreDuo to a T2600 2.16ghz CoreDuo.


Where do you see an upgrade to a Core 2 Duo??? And where do you see a confirmed working Core 2 Duo in a Mac mini?

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Sorry, that was the guide to show you how to open your Mac Mini to replace the processor.

The news about replacing the Core Duo was found in a Taiwanese forum...






This slideshow also shows you how to replace the Core Duo with a Core 2 Duo (Merom) processor:



Any news about the iMac?

Or at least some kind of guide on how to open an iMac?

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This is really an interesting article...

it shows what's inside the intel iMac...

the problem is that I cannot identify where is the processor...

can anyone help?


here's the article:



P.S.: I'm replying only to myself...

Is it possible that no one is interested in this?

Please, I'm doing this work all by myself, give some effort! :)

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