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Hey Apple, you know what? Lion sucks.

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It is not because I expected the next woohaa. It is not even the reversed scrolling (ok for me, and also fixable) that bugs me. It is the whole CONCEPT, the whatever you call it, milestone-planning, that seems to be moving in a wrong direction.


It is the step from a flexible personal computer to a kind of household-machine. Kicking out the pros, getting them to use Windows again to get their 3D rendering faster for less money, to get their Adobe stuff done, to simply be able to modify just anything on their machines and also - that is a sad fact - using the latest security techniques. (Yes, Virus-Windows is indeed more up to date than our beloved OS X).


It seems that you, Apple, put your efforts not anymore in the 'ease of use' in terms of usability, but just to unify your marketing and product concepts.


For example: We ask ourselves for ages now why there is no tool in iTunes, to easily move our libraries, to simply detect dublettes on their file size or to detect missing files in one task. Nope. Instead we got Ping. Well thanks Apple, here is the Pong: Screw you! iTunes is a great tool but sometimes even the average housewife wants to migrate her music on an external HD or whatever for some reason like - space.


Speaking of the file management: Entering Apps seems to be quadrupled: Well what do we have here. A Finder and Programs-Folder. And Stacks. And Spotlight. Yes sure, we just waited for another way to launch our Apps: Launchpad. Duh. Do you think that we are unable to click on icons? Also Launchpad is unable to open subfolders in folders. Nice. And NTFS! Bootcamp is out for years now and you still don't give us native oob support to write on our #$%& Windows partitions? What's wrong with you?


I have the feeling, that with Lion I reached the point where the relationship between me and my computer is drifting apart. The hd-root has been banned from the Finder by standard and has to be added manually, Quicktime X is practically unable to merge files and export functions are barely useable, except you really live only in the Mac and Youtube universe. Sharing files with windows is the same pain in the arse, except you'll kill some Samba now. How long will you allow us to install Apps manually, before we will be forced to use the new Appstore? Smells fishy.


Coverflow in Finder. Hey Apple, Coverflow view for no matter what kind of files is like a rainbow: It looks really beautiful but lacks any kind of substance. It hangs there in everyones finder but it is practically unusable.


And the pros? Well Spotlight is working much better now, I'll give you that. But Address-Book? Leather upgrade? What were you smoking? Well thank you, you nailed my fetish, that was really necessary. And kudos for killing Rosetta, beautiful programs like D-Vision don't work anymore. Any little freeware developer that doesn't have the time or money to port their software to the new beast is f*cked now.


No offense please. This is dedicated exclusively to Apple. :D

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That is some flames to the "Forbidden Fruit Inc."


Well, for few things, I agree on few points. I don't find Launchpad that great. I've been using Namely since Leopard.

Spotlight, I rarely use. Being a Power user, the Find Search files Finder window keyboard shortcut always is I feel the fastest.


To add a Note:


Why does Safari save files downloaded from the internet with the date and time stamp of the original date when they were uploaded? All you guys reading this know what I'm talking about. N it's not files with people in birthday suits doing u-know-what... :D


That really bugs me out, when I've just downloaded a "Today-OR-RENT" file, which dates back to probably a year or even more back. Files from uploading sites. Same kinda thing with email attachments. It's just about anything.


The cringing part is because, I'd prefer my Downloads folder to have files listed according to the date and time I downloaded them, so that I can quickly open them or move them into their respective folders.

Say, Kexts for GFX, to Setups partition Mac > OS files > GFX.


Navigating to the destination is my process; searching the file from a folder with 500+ (well, it was 2000+ at one time!) files is not easy with the cryptic file names of T**Rents.


Moreover, Safari ain't that fast. I am using Firefox 5.0, Safari 5.1 and Google Chrome. All for different purposes.

But, Facebook, Google (anything > GMail, Google+, etc.), even our forum, Yahoo mail site, DeviantArt etc. etc. etc.


All are blazing fast on Chrome. Nothing yet beats it. Firefox is best if you are, well umm, saving utube videos, or images/wallpapers from sites with Right-click disabled. But, nada nothing as useful on Safari.

Does anyone have a Pro+ on Safari? It still lags like hell. And, I've in my iHack Lyf Tym have always seen the spinning BeachBall when using Safari. More than 2 tabs. Bam! I'm playing slam dunk with the ball moving around with my Razer DeathAdder.


I completely agree on iTunes sucky part. I've been the victim of drive crashes of more than a Lyf Tym. And, I have had to recover (THANK GOD!) data every time to new drives or partitions. Why can't iTunes auto-relocate the paths if I've recovered the entire partition as is to the new drive.


It easily does that when I am using uTorrent and have moved the data even when uTor is running and it can easily re-assign the path to the moved target download folder. Wow! That sure is magic. But, a failed trickery with iTunes.

The same thing even works with M$ Office files. Move any -> Doc/Docx, Xls/Xlsx, Ppt/Pptx blah blah. Auto path correction! Even VLC!

Damned iTunes. Damn Apple.


Lastly, Mac gets beaten hands down on one thing. One and only one thing. By Windows. Even Windows 7.


THEMING! For those intrigued, just check out any 1 HyperDesk pack from the 6 available. Reply if you aren't convinced. It changes the entire look of Windows 7 32/64bit instantly. Doesn't suck resources dry too!


I agree that the Apple GUI is a work of art in itself. No doubt.


But, the best part, people like me would agree. If you could simply change the Dock to pure glass reflection, or sheer matte black grainy finish with no reflection. Change the default gray/grey color of the GUI to Black or whatever colour you wish. Appearance should be a choice right? After all, Apple provides choosing between Graphite and Blue right?

Adding to it (the last part) you can't select "NO Wallpaper" in Apple. You can choose colours. But, guess what!

You can not have Black as your desktop background. No way to edit the choices, by Colour Pick/Set tool. Nothing Nada. Zilch. Niet! WHY!? WHY!? WHY, Apple!?


As far as my choice goes, I prefer Black. Makes reading way easy. Less straining on the eyes. And, trust me, heats up the LCD way less. And, oh yeah, those running it on laptops, saves significant battery power. Who wants to disagree!?


That's That! My ;)



Freaky Chokra ;)

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The cringing part is because, I'd prefer my Downloads folder to have files listed according to the date and time I downloaded them, so that I can quickly open them or move them into their respective folders.

Say, Kexts for GFX, to Setups partition Mac > OS files > GFX.



Freaky Chokra :)





Check this out ....


I assume that you know how to bring up your downloads folder....


Go to your view menu, and choose VIEW BY DATE ADDED


You can also right-click on your dock icon for your downloads and do the same.

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I do realize before I continue that your statement is directed at Apple. :D


Personally, I can't expect a perfect OS from Apple or Microsoft. As far as the NTFS complaint, I am surprised that Mac OS only has read-only support for NTFS, but it is more advanced than Windows even in that regard. All my years of using Mac OS (System 7.5) have had support for Windows/DOS disks. In it's 21 years of existence, Windows has not even had any support for Mac disks! I am, of course, excluding commercial software like MacDrive.


Think about OS X 10.0. It was far from perfect, to put it respectfully. What about Vista? Most people complain about that too.


With iTunes, what's so complicated about dragging files onto a hard drive from the iTunes window?


I am very disappointed with the App Store mainly for the reason of support. It requires 10.6.6–one OS too far for PowerMac G5's that can still whip the pants off of many generic computers. Also, I personally am disappointed with the lack of the hard drive in the sidebar as well.


The main thing, however, is the lack of Rosetta. I am currently working on a patch for it, but a lot of applications I use are PowerPC (Quicken, to name one).


However, I believe there are many upsides to Lion. I love the fluidity of the interface, I love AutoSave, and I love Resume, to name a few.


As I said before, however, expecting a perfect OS from Apple is a long shot. I am frustrated with many more things about Windows 7 too; way more than with Mac OS. I think that since all people are fallible, expecting a perfect OS is impossible. If somebody is that stubborn about this issue, they should either write their own OS or learn how to mod the OS.


This is only my two cents, but I honestly believe we can expect too much from OS's. Let's be content with what we've got. Looking at the negative side of everything is depressing. ;) I think we should all be more thankful for what blessings we have. If you think about just this issue, the features of OS X and Windows are amazing! I believe we all need to be more grateful for the fact that we have a computer with a very valid and functional OS. There is so much good that we have that we don't ever realize. :D

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yeah gotta say - love apple - own a few - including a Hack - but seriously they Sh*t the bed on this one - my biggest complaint is how everything is now a hue of grey or blue (especially in finder) - Im contantly clicking on the wrong stuff now -

and my 2008 MBP is slow as a snail now!!

going back to leopard

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