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Infinate Loop at Darwin booting Kalyway 10.5.2

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First off this is my first experience with MAC. I have always been a Win-Blows person so bear with me please. This is not a dual boot install. This is a single partition single boot OSX attempt.


I am trying to install Kalyway 10.5.2 on my Laptop.

It is an Acer Aspire 4520

Athlon XP Dual Core

nVidia 7000 GFX


First off, I knew there would be a lot of install questions that I would have, so I researched several posts and found a lot very informative. Between here, OSX86Project and Hackint0sh, I found many questions and answers that I would have to do prior to beginning. (Thanks everyone)


That being said... I installed two separate times with different settings. Here is my install thread for both installs.


First thing.... I had to go into the bios and change the HD type from IDE to AHCI or I could not go anywhere with the install.


1. I started by using GParted to remove all partitions on the HD and create only one HFS+ Journaled partition. 114GB of space on the partition. The first time I named the volume "leopard" and the second was "osx86". The second was different just so I could see it was different at the boot screen.


2. Inserted the Kalyway 10.5.2 disc and hit F8 at the prompt.


3. Typed... -v -f idlehalt=0 cpus=2 (If I did not do it this way, Darwin would fail to start up the installer) and hit Enter


4. This went through a very lengthy process loading items and then started the OSX Installer and came to the Select Language, which I selected English.


5. Prior to continuing with the install, I went into Disk Utilities just to verify that the partition looked right and that it was Apple HFS+ Journaled and such.


6. Also prior to install I selected in the Customize.

---The first time, I selected the AMD patches, Kernal 9.2 Sleep, a few Applications and the nVidia GFX drivers.

---The second time (I had read later not to select the nvidia and to let Darwin find it. SO I selected just the basics of the AMD Patches, Kernal Vanilla, SSE2 and not much else. (Same end results for each one)


NOTE: I did not have any choice to select anything to do with MBR here. I read that I needed to select MBR here but that choice was not in the options anywhere.


7. Both times OSX verifed the DVD and installed to the HD and everything looked as if it was going to be fine. Upon reboot, ENDLESS REBOOT LOOP when trying to boot right after Darwin had loaded to the prompt.

The screen looks like this:


Darwin/x86 boot v5.0.132

1918MB memory

Vesa v3.0 128MB (NVIDIA)

Use (up/down) keys to select a startup volume.

hd(0,1) osx86

Press Enter to start up Darwin/x86 with no options, or you can:

Type -v and press Enter to start up with diagnostic messages

Type ? and press Enter to learn about advanced start up options:



8. I have tried many different commands at the "boot:" prompt to get it to start up OSX. No matter what is entered here (or nothing at all) it flashes the screen to a couple of lines of code (too fast to see) and then immediately reboots the laptop. (Over and over and over and over and... you get the idea)


I think I need to change something in regards to the MBR but I am unsure of what I need to change or what tools I need for it.


And that is where I am at right now. Any help on getting this to boot to OSX would be greatly appreciated.



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****** UPDATE ******

Ditched the Kalyway 10.5.2 and obtained a Hazard 10.6.1 - 10.6.2 for Intel & AMD

Got it booted and running. Just working out the last few tweeks.


No need for any response to the post.




Don't crosspost. I have deleted your other, identical post.


Try typing ideneb reboot loop in the search box above.



Apologies. Newbie here.

(However, whenever I tried to post the thread it kept giving a server error from the site. The only way I could post my issue at the time was as a reply to someone else. Then a little while later the web page stopped giving the error and I was able to post my message. )


Anyway, I dont have an ideneb disc. I am not sure if there is a difference between that and the Kalyway 10.5.2 that I have. Anyway, I did look through there and there were not any offerings that I hadnt tried save one. To leave all of the kernals unchecked. I am trying that now and I will get let you know how it turned out. I am also downloading 10.6.2 Snow right now. If the Kalyway Leo doesnt work, I may try to go with the Snow.

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