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How to make g5 case mod without too much metal cut


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I know some1 here have surely tried to mod an existing g5 enclosure but had to cut more behind it because of the need of more slots for the pci express...


I believe i've found the solution!!!


Look here:




it is a female to male extension of the pci express 16x and in 3 inches i believe

it can be done without cutting anything else! Don't know if 3 inches will be enough but

as soon as all arrive to me, g5 case included, i'll make some experiments and report

here. Anybody that is still waiting to cut but don't have the courage, use this thing

and report here please to see if it works...




in the order phase if not specified the default lenght is 3", but if you want you

can take 1 upt to 15"!!! :)

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