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Dell Truemobile 1350

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This may be redundent, but I have a Dell 600m and I wanted to get the wireless network card working. I had an Intel Pro 2200 card (which doesnt' work for osx86), so I purchased a Dell Truemobile 1350 from eBay. Installed 10.4.6 using the JAS dvd, and it detected my wireless card and asked for my WEP during installation. When my Mac-Dell booted, I had the AirPort signal, but it said 'AirPort not configured' when you would right click on it and was greyed out (as many other people have experienced). I tried the various different IO811... kexts and nothing. I tried changing the .plists and nothing. Finally I decided to go back to scratch, re-install 10.4.6 and start w/ a blank slate; of course the same problem w/ the wireless card was present. I out of frustration I decided to tackle another problem and get my Broadcom 570x wired network card working. I downloaded the AppleBCM5701Ethernet.kext.zip and dumped the kext into the appropriate place, rebooted, fired up Safari and I had internet. I then went to System Preferences, then to Network, and boom it says AirPort card is discovered. I configured it using the wizard that popped up and now everything works great!


Just a little FYI.


I know this may (or may not) already be out there somewhere, but if it isn't then good and if it is then it'll be easier for people to find now. I searched for a day and a half and couldn't find an answer to get my wireless working and then stumbled across it trying to get my wired networking working. Hope this helps!

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