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SB USB "wav" recording (streaming audio)

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OK... I know the whole "sound in" question has been brought up here multiple times (I myself have inquired about it). Now, I just ordered an external USB Sound Blaster 24-bit online and I reinstalled OSX JaS 10.4.7 this morning and included the "external SB patch" in the install. So, I should be ready to rock and roll when the unit arrives.


My question now is this: can you record streaming audio with SB external by somehow setting the record device as "wav out mix" or something like that? In windows, you can choose your recording device in the settings of the volume control... then, using any wav recording software (audacity, adobe audition etc), you can record and whatever is streaming on the web, records.


Does OsX have something similar for setting your record in as "wav mix" or something like it?

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