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What exactly does -x leave unloaded


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So, I just installed Mac OS X on my pc yesterday (AMD athlon 64 2800+, ATI Radeon 9700 Pro, 1024mb etc..., NF3 mb). Just after installation, mac os x was VERY slow, menu's opened very badly etc, but LAN was working and I got internet to work. Well, I made chown -R root:wheel ATIRadeon9700.kext and chmod -R 755 ATIRadeon9700.kext on system/library/extensions and at the next boot added -x to boot options, and the os was working fast and great then. But I found out my ethernet card wasn't working anymore... so what gets unloaded with -x, and how do I get my LAN to work again, with nice and fast os. If I don't use -x when booting, LAN works again but the os is working too slow to use.


PS. with atiradeon9700.kext os is fast but i'm still stuck with 60hz as screen frequency, which sucks balls.

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