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  1. This had something to do with AppleIntelCpuPowermanagement.kext because after installing nullcpupowermanagement it doesn't crash anymore. However, i'm suffering from the distorted sound after a while of playback like many else here... so now onto fighting this problem. One small step at a time towards working crash free system now
  2. I succesfully installed mavericks, and everything is working fine now, audio too, except that after a while of playback from any source, the computer freezes. So i'm pretty sure it has something to do with audio in conflict with something. It doesn't matter if I use old kext from SL that worked for me, or the newest VoodooHDA patch, they both work but also both crash soon after playback. My audio codec is ALC883, with Asus P5K-SE. I found one thread about problems with long booting times when using Geforce 210, that somehow is interfering with USB and is basically a problem with audio. However, all the solutions were for other codecs. Any ideas?
  3. Ok so I got it working just after posting and fighting with this for some time now... So it seems the kext from Snow Leopard does work, there just was AppleHDAAudioDisabler.kext on S/L/E... removed it and everything is working now :-)
  4. Has anyone got the audio (ALC883) work with this old motherboard? Everything else runs fine and got the install done even without AHCI mode on bios... but the damn audio. I've tried a few kexts and the one that worked for me on Snow Leopard won't do it anymore.
  5. Ok i'm having a weird problem that no one else seems to have encountered. Everything went fine, it boots allright and i'll get the choose language, register etc dialogs... After the "do you want to transfer files from another mac" thingie, i'll get the cool os X welcome animation thing, but... instead of going to desktop i'll get all those language choosing dialogs again. And again and again. Always after the welcome animations. What to do ?
  6. So, if I install the drivers that can be found from the forums (including the replug thingie), wlan works fine, but after one reboot the wlan device disappears, and can't be checked at system preferences > network. I have to reinstall drivers again, and once again it works, but after boot... what can I do ?
  7. Made a better more revealing topic
  8. So, I just installed Mac OS X on my pc yesterday (AMD athlon 64 2800+, ATI Radeon 9700 Pro, 1024mb etc..., NF3 mb). Just after installation, mac os x was VERY slow, menu's opened very badly etc, but LAN was working and I got internet to work. Well, I made chown -R root:wheel ATIRadeon9700.kext and chmod -R 755 ATIRadeon9700.kext on system/library/extensions and at the next boot added -x to boot options, and the os was working fast and great then. But I found out my ethernet card wasn't working anymore... so what gets unloaded with -x, and how do I get my LAN to work again, with nice and fast os. If I don't use -x when booting, LAN works again but the os is working too slow to use. PS. with atiradeon9700.kext os is fast but i'm still stuck with 60hz as screen frequency, which sucks balls.