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Mobo for my Homebrew

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My current motherboard isn't compatible with Mac (Asus P4S800-MX, SiS chipset) so I am looking at a new one. I'm looking at the Matsonic MS9087C mobo, anyone had experience with it? If not do you think from looking at the spec it might be compatible? Id hate to get a new mobo and have the same root device error:


Mobo spec:



North bridge: Intel 865PE

South bridge: ICH5-R

Lan chip: Realtek RTL8100C

Audio: AC97 audio codec

I will be using IDE for the drives, not SATA.


My system specs:


1.5GB DDR400 RAM

2.66GhZ SSE2 P4

1 x 40GB Maxtor HDD (contains Windows and will contain Mac on a partition)

1 x 160GB Seagate HDD

Gigabyte ATi Radeon 9600 Pro 256MB (using AGP8x slot)


From what I can see it is the perfect system now. Anyone see anything which might stop it working?




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You want guaranteed reliability and IMHO the best hackintosh board out there would be an Intel 945 board. Though if you can afford the difference you may want to go with one of the newer Intel baords that support the Core series of chips. Just mage sure you get one with the GMA950 video onboard unless you have a Radeon 1600 as those are the best and most fully supported of video cards.

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Simple suggestion...save your money and do it up right. But if you insist on keeping what you have I would try maybe one of the Intel 915 boards, off the top of my head don't remember the socket type on that one though. Seriously just so you don't have to deal with headaches, spending the money on the right hardware can make all the difference. I am sure you can find a 945 board and cpu on ebay on the cheap. Maybe start off wil an LGA775 Celeron and then up the CPU when you have a chance. This would be expecially prudent as the Core prices should start coming down in a few months. Also keep in kind we are about 6 months away from 10.5. We KNOW the 945 series boards should work fairly well with 10.5 simply because those are what is in current line MacTel's. With any other mobo/cpu combo you are running the risk that that hardware may not run very well on 10.5 if and when it is hackintoshed.

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Well, I will probably buy a Mac for the beginning of next year, this is temporary. If I went for a 945 board I'd generally have to get new DDR2 RAM, new CPU, new graphics (if the new board is PCI-E) so it would be more then just a quick snap-up on eBay.


I have found an AsRock board with the 915GL chipset which I like the look of. It is the P4Dual-915GL



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