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GM and EFI partition

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Hey guys,


Just a heads up that this is NOT a noob's guide. It's simply some info I've put together from other threads that helped me obtiained a 99.9% untouched Lion GM install on my hackintosh. Feel free to use this information but just realise that you need to have an understanding of how an EFI partition works.


First things first - to get a working Lion installer partition or disk working, I did the following on an ESATA drive.


1. Show package contents on "Install Mac OS X Lion.app"

2. Navigate to "Contents/Shared Support"

3. Mount InstallESD.dmg

4. Restore BaseSystem.dmg from "Mac OS X Install ESD" volume to your designated disk

5. Navigate to your designated disk (now named "Mac OS X Base System") and go to "System/Installation"

6. Delete "Packages" shortcut

7. Copy "Packages" folder from "Mac OS X Install ESD" volume to "Mac OS X Base System/System/Installation" folder

8. Copy mach_kernel from "Mac OS X Install ESD" volume to "Mac OS X Base System" volume

9. Rename "Mac OS X Base System" volume to whatever you like (optional - i've called mine "Lion Installer")


Now that that's done, assuming your EFI bootloader (for me, chimera 1.4.1) is working - your Lion installer partition or disk should appear in the boot options of the loader. Select it and it should start the installer without any problems.


After the installation, I had to delete AppleHDA.kext from System/Library/Extensions and put in the one from 10.6.2. I also popped in RealtekRTL81xx.kext for my NIC. (These two kexts take it from a 100% untouched install down to 99.9 :D)


For those curious... my EFI partition is as minimal as possible:




Anyway.. thought i would share.

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Thank you for sharing.

I've tried your method and receive a spinning beach ball after starting Lion installer from usb (chimera boot loader).

Lion DP4 is working fine on my hack.

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I've done a lot of the steps for this and I can't seem to get it to boot. I either get a never ending loading logo at boot and when checking verbose mode it seems to be hanging for me at NVEnabler:: Probe Fails.


And I honestly don't know what else to try.

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Of course I've got efi. Lion DP4 works on my hack.


Install DP4 Extra package from Mald0n guide and you are on.


Thanx again.

Your guide works.

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