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Legacy kernel 10.8.0 INTEL/AMD (nawcom)

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Bueno gente ya esta el Legacy Kernel para la version 10.6.8 de MAC OSX.


Probado en AMD en Athlon x2 5200+ y por ahora todo OK.


También el SleepEnabler para 10.6.8 pero este no lo probé.






[uPDATED] legacy kernel for OS X10.6.8 / Darwin 10.8.0, SleepEnabler



EDIT: Oops, the link wasn’t updated correctly – it was still linked to the old pkg. fixed now – my fault.


There’s been some big changes with the xnu source between 10.6.7 and 10.6.8 – from what I understand, it has to do with moving to the new Lion 10.7 version of OS X. So a few different things needed to get updated in the legacy kernel code – cpuid.c, rtclock.c, tsc.c mostly.


Here’s the updated legacy kernel and SleepEnabler kext for OS X 10.6.8 / Darwin 10.8.0.




The kernel by itself, if that’s what you want –


As you know, the legacy kernel installer package will upgrade your SleepEnabler kext, if it finds one loaded. For those who just want the SleepEnabler kext updated for 10.6.8 by itself, here you go:




Looks like the fix for AMD people with graphics issues was to use old PCI and ACPI kexts from 10.6.7 as Aaron Johns said. We have to find out how to get these AMDs to work with the new kexts. For now though, I updated the pkg so if you have an AMD machine, it installs 10.6.7 IOPCIFamily.kext and IOACPIPlatform.kext into /Extra/Extensions, set to override the regular ones in /S/L/E. If you have an Intel machine, the pkg simply skips installing these there. So far it works fine for me.


Anyways have fun. I will let you know of the new changes I make later.



fuente: http://blog.nawcom.com/?p=791



Espero que les sirva. saludos.

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Tal y como se ha hablado en el subforo de actualizaciones en ingles y en algunos post en castellano el kernel da los mismos problemas que ya daba en la 10.6.7 (10.7), hay congelacion de pantalla y cuadros de colores, este hecho por todo lo que he leido por aqui y por la red es con los procesadores Phenom de AMD, yo aunque el mio es un 7750 X2 todos los sistemas lo reconocen como Phenom y tengo esos problemas, de momento usamos el kernel 10.6 (10.6.6) y va perfectamente incluso en la nueva update 10.6.8 a ver si Nawcom/Darwin o quien sea nos puede aportar una solucion al problema

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