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CrossOver in Lion

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I've tried installing CodeWeavers CrossOver Pro 10 in Mac OS X Lion 10.7 DP4, but as soon as I start it, it launches, and quits right after.


Does anyone have the same problem?


My System is running with Intel HD Graphics and I've got the same problems with that as many other users in here. Could this problem cause incompatibility with CrossOver?

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Are you also running on Graphics Card which has no kext loaded, or are you running Lion DP4 with everything working.

I think it doesn't work because Lion is still in beta-version and therefore CodeWeavers haven't made a Lion compatible version yet.

A problem which also occurs in Lion is when installing Wiretap Pro or Wiretap Studio, because they're using a special kext for recording sound directly from Mac OS X. This kext isn't compatible with Lion and is not loaded properly. I guess we have to wait untill the final version of Lion is out.

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No, I haven't untill now. Thought i might do the same. Now I have tried it, and it works

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