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Need DSDT fix for CR-48

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I have a Google CR-48 laptop and I've been trying to install OS X 10.6.7 and I'm needing some help. I first found this forum http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...241376&st=0 which seemed to be pretty striaght forward. However my install disc is for version 10.6.7.


So I took my external laptop drive and restored OS X to it. I then copied the Extra files to the drive along with the mach_kernal_atom for 10.6.7 from teateam. I originally tried their boot loader and Chameleon and it failed with a continuous restart loop.


I used tonymacx86 Chameleon RC5 and now im getting a little further, I'm getting the error in the attached files.



It looks like something with the DSDT file, but the post of the forum said to use the original which I did. I've also tried others but still no luck.


Hopefully someone can figure this out.





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I had OSX on this, I used the Meklort Netbook Installer method. Graphics are not supported, the best you can do is proper resolution, no acceleration. And it's laggy, a bit. I finally wiped it and put ubuntu 11.04 on it. Runs much better and everything works out of the box (ok no 3g but didn't have that with OSX either). I would suggest some flavor of linux, although the NBI works fine, and it is possible Meklort or someone else might finish the drivers and get graphics working. If that happens I might give it another shot, but I have two other hacks that work well, for what I want the CR48 to do ubuntu does very well.

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Thanks for the info, kind of a bummer that graphics dont work well. I've and Ubuntu on it before, it did run great. Just wanted to try something different, hopefully someone comes up with something.

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