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usb wireless lan not working with 10.4.7 jas

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:blink: hi guys i just updates my 10.4.6 to 10.4.7 and my mac os x can't connect to the web even with the 10.4.6 .....


i install already the driver for the usb 2.0 from mac

and then when i check the usb state, mac os x can see all the usb ports ,he reconise also my usb wireless lan (usb adaptater :level one is the brand )but still can't connect to the internet??????


somebody know how to set it up for get internet on mac os x 10.4.7???


wich solution are you using for get the wireless working under mac os x 10.4.7 jas


thank's a lot bye

sorry for the {censored} english :happymac:

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