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  1. Easy Step-by-Step: Mac OS X Leopard on a PC

    Lol I went through the same thing as you. Have you installed leopard on a drive that isn't at the top of the boot priority list (in BIOS)? Hope it helps. - Klapi
  2. Hehe yeah. Hit me back if mousexpose works - I use mouselocator for the tearing but that only fixes the area around the cursor, not an entire window
  3. Sorry I missed that piece of info, but still a format and reinstall won't help. I must admit I was disappointed not being able to run 1400x1050 too, but honestly, 1280x960 isn't that bad. And it's a trade-off between being able to watch movies or have flawless display, so either you have 1400x1050 and video playing fluidly with the downside of flawed windows when moved OR you have 1400x1050 and not as much hardware accelerated graphics but no flaws (disabling qe/ci). I chose to have the resolution as the downside, going from 1400x1050 instead of sacrificing the qe/ci or video playback and gfx flaws. I'm gonna go check out if I can use tv-out now, feel free to ask if there's more you'd like to know
  4. Sounds like you don't have qe/ci support - and I have messed up graphics with qe/ci if i run 1400x1050. so instead i run 1280x960 with full qe/ci support and wonderful picture. In order to get the radeon 9700 fully working you need Callisto b003 fixed. First off... You say "iTunes 7 fiasco", I say no. I run iTunes 7.0.1 now without any problems. There are down sides of however. Technically it's slower because I've made a PPC copy of the intel iTunes (rosetta), but the speed is fine - it's just a music program so I don't notice anything. I'm not sure if the new iTunes version will fix the preferances problem, but I've heard of others who had this problem, so I'll try to look out for an answer and reply if I find anything. Flip4Mac is kinda hard to discuss because I'm having trouble with quicktime - and with a working quicktime then I'm almost 100 pct. sure that Flip4Mac would work as well. I'm able to see wmv videos on websites via the plugin, the faulty picture is something that also exists with the quicktime plugin for mov files, so I don't really think Flip4Mac is the problem here. You say you couldn't get it installed on the computer, I had no troubles doing that. ran the installer from microsofts website and it was installed without any problems - prefpane too.
  5. 10.4.8 installed: No sound in QuickTime?

    I'm also having problem playing trailers from apple.com/trailers, but sunflower doesnt work for me - if i set output to sunflower then theres NO audio (yes, i have selected my sound device in sunflowerbed), only way im getting any sound is by setting my sound device as system out, and then sound in quicktime is still gone. btw. wierd thing i noticed: if i hear a song (e.g. itunes) and then open a webbrowser to see a quicktime movie with quicktime plugin then the audio goes dead EVERYWHERE, the song isn't playing out of the speakers anymore, but then when I close the browser it starts playing again as if it was on mute. PLEASE are there any fixes for this?
  6. Same problem I had. You need the "QuickTime_7.0.1_ReInstaller.dmg" and the pkg for quicktime 7.1.2. As I wrote in the first post the file isn't available at their website anymore, but I've emailed them and asked why. I'll post here when they reply. Seems like you have the exact same laptop as mine. What error message do you get? I've been dealing with this laptop with osx86 a long time, I might be able to help PS: If there's any hardware you can't get to work (wi-fi, sound only one channel) then feel free to PM me, I've got all to work but the ethernet and pcmcia - or search for my ferrari 3200 thread.
  7. using the patched should work, at least it did for me (10.4.7 and 10.4.8)
  8. It's quicktime 7.1.3 and I have no problem playing the mov file in e.g. VLC, but in quicktime it looks like this: http://img168.imageshack.us/my.php?image=b...meisnonoct5.png why not just use VLC? because i want to be able to browse through trailers from quicktimes webpage and for frontrow I've made a PPC copy of quicktime but the error is in both of them. Running Callisto with Radeon 9700 Any tips or suggestions is greatly appreciated, thanks! EDIT: Thanks to SG for informing me that the new versions of quicktime needs SSE3 (and I have SSE2 only), so if any of you out there have sse2 too and upgraded, you need to install and older version. There's a QuickTime_7.0.1_ReInstaller.dmg out there somewhere, the link on apples quicktime support page is broken but I've mailed them asking why it's been removed. I'll let you guys know when they reply. - Klapi
  9. Finally Wireless networking!

    OH MY GOD! Thank you so much!!! It totally works on ferrari 3200 - at first I thought it didn't because I read somewhere that the device id was 4306 but then I checked in windows and it said 4320 and now it works! I'm running 10.4.7 with wi-fi working super duper. So..... Anyone wanna buy my D-link DWL-G122?
  10. Acer Ferrari 3200 Success!

    I have the same laptop (with mac osx 10.4.7 JAS installed) Detailed specs: http://laptop.bug-nordic.org/laptop.php?id=17 Works, though not out of the box: Gfx (ATI Radeon 9700 - qe/ci can be fixed with callisto and editing the ATIRadeon9700GA.plugin info.plist so it uses callisto as provider ) Sound (AC 97 though only left channel - choppy problem can be fixed by setting output to 48khz instead of 44khz) EDIT 2: got stereo working by using "Unstable Connection"'s patched kext: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?act...ost&id=4574 DVD (read and write) Bluetooth Cardbus USB (2.0 i'm pretty sure) Firewire Doesn't work: Modem (though I've read it's possible to get it to work, yet.. i dont care i use bluetooth phone instead) Ethernet (I've searched high and low but I don't think it's possible. Prove me wrong please ) Wireless (I will try your steps and see if it works for me too) PCMCIA (well... at least usb works ) So only thing bothering me is the ethernet not working - I have a DWL-G122 for wireless. but if i can get the built in to work i would be thankful I'll update when there comes new info! EDIT: Wifi works also in 10.4.7 with http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=11856. Thanks for the Wi-fi tip bartman101
  11. try: sudo chmod -R 755 /System/Library/Extensions && sudo chown -R root:wheel /System/Library/Extensions and restart let me know if it helps.
  12. Hi, So... I'm kind of lost in all these new versions of Mactel x86... Last time i checked I used 10.4.3 patched with maxxuss patches, but had to format, now I can't find the patches for the 10.4.3, so I thought... Ok, I'll try downloading the JaS image (10.4.4 i think?) but it just keep spinning and spinning, never reaching the install dialog upon boot Now I hear it's 10.4.7, so my question is... How do I get going? Which image should be used? And what patches are there (maxxuss is down perm. it seems?) Thanks in advance - Klapi
  13. 10.4.6 HotISO error

    Can one use just the HOTiSO image to install or does it have to be patched? If so... Where do you find these goatsecx and JaP images you speak of?
  14. chain0

    Could you be a bit more specific? It sounds like the DVD image is invalid - or maybe the DVD burning process was corrupted in some way? Is it before or after install? If it's after then try reinstalling. Chain0 is, kind of, to Mac what boot.ini is to Windows, so try a clean install - meaning format the partition where you wish to install Mac OS and then install. Good luck!