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Wouldnt this configuration work best ? With Dual Screen Support ?

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If I would build this:


Intel Core 2 Duo E6600

Intel D946GZISSL MoBo or Intel DP965LTCK

2 GB of DDR2 RAM 667

TWO PCI-Express Radeon X1600Pro 256 MB Video Cards

With all the other necessary components, wouldnt that be most close to a well working mac ?

Would the use of TWO X1600 Cards let me use Dual-Screen Support - at the moment there seems to be no driver solution for using the dual screen support with one videocard with OSX86.

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I didnt want to see dual screen support with ONE videocard (o.k. i would like to see that but understand that this wont work at the moment) but i hope to have dual screen support when i add TWO video cards. lets see.


Very interesting theory. I was wondering that myself. If you get it working, that would be great. Sometimes it just takes one brave soul to give it a shot and spend the money for it. The real question is that will (and I'm assuming you mean two PCI-E cards) will be recognized by osx on your MB... I'm not sure it will or not. Given that the new mac pro has nothing but... you may have an option there.

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