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USB 3.0 Install Guide Needed

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As the topic states we are in need of support for USB 3.0 on these newer motherboards with blue USB ports. I have tried the current MB USB3 support on two of my systems that have USB 3.0 hardware support. The kexts don't work for me on Sandy Bridge machines with current OS X 10.6.7 and current 10.7.3-4 kernels.


Out of frustration, I installed ubuntu 11.4 64 bit desktop and USB 3.0 support was a given - OOB - no configuration required (works running a live CD). And as an aside, audio was OOB and the GTX 460 only required a minimal configuration to get both DVI and HDMI running high resolution concurrently. Actually a very good "free" computing environment.


But the point is we don't have OS X OOB USB3 or any where near it. Someone can be my hero and solve this one.



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