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from ferrari 4005 to MacBook Pro, should I?

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I'm intending to switch to Mac, after using a mac in my office to do some development work, I relized that this is the OS I should use , anyway, I will still have to have windows (for gamming ), anyway...


I need to know if anyone have an idea if I replace my current Ferrari 4005 with a MacBook Pro 17", if I'm switching to better or worse? I know that I will not feel much differnce doing coding work, but what about graphics works (photoshop, 3D and so) and what about gamming (under windows), am I goign to notice a +/-?


Another question would be, how much of a difference between core due and core 2 due, should I wait for the later, specially I read that even when released, the chipset will not be ready.


I appreciate your comments.Thanks!

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