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Finding drivers for my installation of OSX x86


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Well first, here's my little success story.


AMD Athlon 64 3000+


ATI Radeon x1300 Pro AGP 256mb

512mb RAM

120gb Western Digital Hard Drive (1 partition for Windows)

80gb Western Digital Hard Drive (Brand new, i bought it for OS X to run on, 2 38gig partitions).

Benq 48xRead/48x CD RW/8x DVD RW



Well, everything installed perfectly, so far, i haven't discovered any flaws in the installation. Boots up fine (other than the terminal display that shows up during boot) and fast.


Well, thats about it.



Well, now the next step, Is there any website, or software that can help me run the rest of my hardware on OS X x86?


PLEASE! Cause OS X is no fun if you can't go online with it, lol.


Also, full screen animation on the installation really sucks, lol, so the chess game is no fun.




Thanks in advance :D

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Just so u know, and so no one posts this, i already checked google, NOTHING, well some, but not for my hardware.


I found something on Wiki OSX86, it has a big long list of hardware, tells wether it's compatible or not, but it doesn't have the link to the download of the drivers.


Plz, I really need them =(

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