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found out my autosleep problem

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i found out my problem with autosleep.

and wanted to share with you if anyone might have same problem i had

i posted it on another thread but still wanted to open a new post


it started when i installed the system on the western digital green series (when i found out about the problem, i found there are a lot more WD series affected with this problem.

so, the problem is very high LCC (Load Cycle Count) raising, when first found i have affected disk (using of curse smart utility)i changed it to another one from the same series with hoping everything will be ok this time.

and it's not, it seems there are much more infected hdd then healthy ones.

after doing the clean installation this time (couple month from the first one), and found i have a new disk which can also die in 4-5 month. i started googling some more and found this utility from WD called; wdidile3

once used this utility the LCC stop growing, and i got my HDD Sleep back, therefor SYSTEM sleep.

when checking if it work, i had to use SpindownHD.app from CHUD Utilities to set the hd sleep to 1 minute(and to check if it actually get into sleep state).


i don't know how much it will help those of you who still have autosleep problem, but this helped me, solving a problem i didn't had until i replaced my HDD, so if this is your case, check it and it might be your problem ;)

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