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What version of empire EFI should I choose?

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I'm having a hardtime deciding what version of empire EFI I should choose because I have an ati mobility card and an AMD processer

The latest version says that it works with AMD and says it doesn't work with ati mobility cards

But the legacy version says that it's for problematic PC's and my laptop isn't old or problematic

What should I choose?

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This is not something you should have a "hard time" with unless you only have one CD-R and live 50 miles from the nearest convenience store.


Try both, it's not like it's a big download.


To avoid wasting CDs, use a CD-RW disc and try all the boot CDs you can get your hands on until you find one that works with your hardware.


Either way, it doesn't matter if all your hardware works when using a boot CD. Boot CDs are for installing OS X and "emergency booting" if your bootloader broke for some reason. You don't need a "perfect" boot CD with everything working (sound, LAN, video acceleration etc) in order to install OS X.


Once you're done installing OS X you install the Chameleon bootloader to your hard drive along with the kernel extensions you need and you don't have to use the boot CD anymore.

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