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Lion software bug list

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I am running 11A459e for a few weeks now.... still many bugs


1. safari

- a warning box... the website is not responding..do you want to reload.. pop up randomly and frequently

- click download link in some sites but download does not start

no such problems when using firefox.


some sites not responding or feedback java is not compatible. (happened to firefox also)


2. amule

- crash often and randomly... especially loading with a lot of download

work around: stop some of the downloads.


3. textedit

- cannot close the last opened file if you opened a number of files and closing it one by one.

work around: quit the textedit


4. Subethaedit


work around: find and install 3.5.4B2


5. cleanapp


no work around found


6. Parallel destop 6

driver not loaded

work around: use a parallel launcher from



7. audacity 1.3.13 unicode

crash if openning file with name/folder of unicode character

work around: not to use unicode in file/folder naming.


8. sophos antivirus

stop running

no work around


9. quicktime

window will not go back to normal mode after ESC from full screen mode. window becomes hidden.

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