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Access to all HD's, but some folders missing

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I've got my OSX86 installation working quite well, but there's a problem i can't really find a solution for.

I can access all my HD's, but there is a problem with a 80GB NTFS patition where all my music is stored. I just can't access the folder where all my music is, but some other folders. There is about 70GB of Data in that folder, but it doesn't show up in macosx86. It's not the only folder btw, some others also won't show up.


Any ideas? Do i need to change smth in the configuration to get access?

thx for any help in advance.

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Try to change the name of the folders you can't access (change one or two letters), then boot in OS X. If you can see/access the files from here, go back to windoze and rename them to their original name.

If you still can't access them, create another folder(s) and copy the content of the "stubborn" folder(s) to the new one(s). My hunch is that it's not related to the folder's name, but with something inside it.


It happened to me when I was using 10.4.5 and this fixed the problem.

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