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Virtualbox asus (audio) KErnal Panic


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So my mac osx was up and running but it has a kernal panic it says to destribute my information to voodoo kernal dev team i have attatched that kernal file




All Below is second to the problem above

So i looked into doing this OSX 86 project a while ago and never got it to work. So now i decided to give it another try and run it on Virtual box. , i am using IPC 10.5.6.


Asus CM5675

Windows 7 64 bit

Intel i5 650

Havendale/Clarkdale H55

Intell HD graphics


I need to find my audio kext, i will use kext helper, but am not sure of my chipset and what not.

I use realtek I think for audio but when I go into hardware it has like 4 audio drivers, and none show the chipset or anything



So i found my audio specs, sort of

Sound car-Intergrated

? lol wtf

I dont know what that means a little help please


im thinking something like Realtek ALC262_XXX

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It doesn't matter what sound hardware you have or what your other specs are, you are running an OS in a virtual machine.


You can use the same sound driver that everybody else who's running OS X in virtualbox are using.


Use google or the forum search with "virtualbox sound OS X" as search term and you should have sound in no time, provided a driver exists of course.

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