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Successfully installed but need RAM related help

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my system spec is below:

amd phenom 2 x6 1090t

gigabyte ga-890fxa-ud5

4GB g skill ripjaws 7-8-7-24-2N

gigabyte gtx460 OC 1GB


host os: win 7 64 bit with service pack 1

vmware workstation 7.1


using darwin legacy iso, i successfully installed hazard 10.6.6i on my vmware, the vmware tools also works great, however sometime feels slow in response, maybe running on vmware or any solution please appreciated.


the real problem is, i have allocated 2GB ram on the vmware configuration, even the vmbios also shows 2GB ram, but the hazard pre-installation and post installtion shows only 1GB ram, and on system profiler when i check the ram, it says "there was an error gathering the information".


The processor is shown as intel core 2 duo, though I found on some forum that even the vm-installed 10.6.6 shows the host cpu properly.


can anyone help me fixing the memory issue and cpu detection problem?

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