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HD webcam retro fit

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Hello everyone, me again with another case mod


i just retrofitted this



into this





there was alot of dremal work involved!


i have pics that will be on here soon once i have body fillered and smoothed it into the case. some might say that this is overkill to fix a webcam issue. to be honest i disagree. i have a 780p p Logitech that i have cut down so much it only sticks out 3 mm more then the original webcam and looks a hell of a lot better.


i have not been brave enough to solder this directly to the board yet as im not so hot with soldering yet :thumbsup_anim: but soon. for now i have re routed a external usb socket to sit inside the case

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just one pic as i forgot but here it is and also theres a the finnished pics of the laptop in wood effect vinyl wrap


also the apple insert that i have managed to fit into my hand dremaled apple logo. See my other thread about that one


so here we go


here is the one pic of the logitech inserte into the front of the case. i had to dremel alot of the webcams insides to make it fit. and i also had to cut the laptops lid a bit. its nice to see however i have crammed it in so well you really couldnt tell it isnt oem, its flush to the lid and pops up around 2 mm from the top as you will see. the best bit is it works well at hd 720p and is as smooth as anything. it works with i sight with no additional kexts just version 10.6.5 (im still busy updating my machine)


another cool thing is the wooden trackpad that works just as well as normal. and feels like wood grain quite an odd feeling but i like it. oh and the laptop now has no hindge locks as i have cut them off and filled the holes to smooth the screen surround


photo of stage 2 of retro fit (the cam is cut into the case)



the apple glows nicely but not as much as it should i will be fixing this problem within the week.



An over all view of laptop.



The trackpad, how awsome is that!



a poor quality pic because its dark in my front room, that is the webcam but i have not cut the hole out of the vinyl properly yet as its hard and i have had some beer so if my hand slips it will damage the lense.

post-758130-1305663392_thumb.jpg it looks better in real life i will try another photo tomorrow morning


A pic of the back, you may be able to make out the shape i have chosen to blend the cam to the lid



a view of how flush it is its really hard to tell what your are looking at, as vinyl is unforgiving and will show bumps and imperfections that just shows how smooth an perfect the blend is, very pleased with that!



Heres a better view of the back this clearly shows the rounded shape i have chosen to sculpt, imaging vinyl warping that, buble nightmare



Down the sides have been covered to smooth the look and to hide the seems as i dont think i will be taking it apart for a little while.



just to show the standard of the keyboard wrap. its like this all the way around.




right so its not perfect and theres more to do some areas need a but of trimming and some need edge sealing with some pva or whatever. this gives the general idea of what i have achived in 2 weeks. i hope you like it as much as i do :)

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