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Help with Dell Inspiron 1720 GMA965/X3100


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Hi Guys!


I can't make my del 1720 with the X3100 work.


I was reluctant to post this cause I know that there are a lot of information.

I had searched the forum but the information is so disperse and tried so many things that I'm lost


I'm using Iatkos 10.5.4


I've tried using the x3100 kexts that comes with the iatkos DVD

I've tried using other x3100 kexts from here

I've tried using Natit.kext

I've tried all of the above with the SleepTrick, HotCorners, and timing my instalation and bootup with 5 and 11min respectively (http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=79526)

I've tried using Leopard Graphics Updater.

I hooked the VGA out to an external monitor and switched the display, but everything was scrambled as it has an incorrect resolution.

The only thing i got is the infamous black screen at startup.


The only way I can boot is by deleting the X3100 and gm650 via safe mode first and using 1024x768 VESA


What i haven't tried:

Efi String patching with EDID (dont know how to do it)

Another version or another distro (10.6 or bootloader with retail DVD)


What can I do aside from buying a real mac? :lol:


delete if you want, I have posted the same in 10.5.x post installation

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