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Hardisk not found -- help


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Hi guys.


I have a litle problem ..when i try to install iPC_OSx86_10.5.6 the OS can't find hardisk in Utility "no found item" i try everthing but nothing happend.


Now i neeed your help. What i have to do?

And how to install voodoo kernel?


AMD Athlon x2 4800+

Ram 6 GB

Nvidia 7300 S


pa. I tryed on my laptop (intel) and it works fine..but can't find keyboard.


sry for my bad english

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If your hard drive does not appear in Disk Utility try this


If your HDD is PATA, try a SATA HDD

If you can't do that, try jumpering your PATA HDD as master and place it at the end of the cable with no other device connected to the same cable

Try changing settings for your SATA controller in the BIOS, set it to "native mode" or AHCI if you have such a setting

If your motherboard has nforce chipset, forum search/google to find verdant's nforce guides for more information

If nothing works, try a different install DVD - it's possible the DVD has no driver for your hard disk controller

Or you could try with a retail Snow Leopard DVD and a boot CD tailored for AMD systems, if such a thing exists.

Or buy your way out - get a recent Gigabyte or ASUS motherboard with Intel ICHx southbridge and an Intel CPU.


To fix the laptop keyboard issue, plug in a USB keyboard. Later you can install a PS2 driver for the laptop keyboard.

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