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Clean 10.6.7 install via 10.6.6i Hazard or VMware image Guide for a Pentium 4 Dual and AsRock G31M-GS-R2

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Some crazy ahole named Poco is deleting my post on the osx86roject instalation guides so here it is:


This Guide Uses the 10.6.6i Hazard.




==Prep Work:==

# Get Snow Leopard (10.6.6i Hazard edition) which SUCKS and we will be using it as a launch platform

# Alternative get VMware image of SNOW leopard




=== Hazard Method ===


* Disable USB legacy and boot DVD

* Partition HDD in 3 partitions 2 partitions 30G or more but the same and 1 for the rest

* Make sure the HDD is set to GUID not MBR

* Install on first partition using:

* Kernel

* LegacySATA

* USB fix if needed

* NVenabler + NVUpdate for Nvidia cards

* X11

* Realtek1000

* Chameleon RC5 GFXenbaled

* All instalation should work ok


==Real installation==

* GET Mac OS X 10.6 Snow leopard Retail build 10A432

* Now, Mount the Snow Leopard DMG File.

Next, Installer window will pop-up, click on the free space anywhere in window and press key sequence - CMD + Shift + G . A small window will appear on top of the existing window. Here, type “Mac OS X Install DVD/System/Installation/Packages/”, and Go.

In the next window, locate the “OSInstall.mpkg” and double click this package file to start Snow leopard Installation.

* Get combo update 10.6.6

* (Optional get 10.6.7 Update)

* Install to newly installed osx 10.6.0

* get .boot mach_kernel and rest of Kexts and most important of all FakeSMC and Extra directory used in install section move them to the proper places

* Repair Permissions

* Reboot

* Voila all ok clean nice install of 10.6.6/7



* Hazard distro sucks Mail.app does not work some weird behavior of apps / apps not showing main window and so on

* Pentium 4 D requires the legacy kernel by qoopz or you will be a Kernel panic.

* Update G31M-GS-R bios to 1.03 reset to defaults you got 2 options here Disable USB 2.0 or USB Legacy Support

* If you get stuck at mbinit it is the USB problem from above

* Installing to a USB drive will force you to disable the USB 2.0 or the drive will fail to boot after UUID search

* If you get a grey / black screen alternating on boot you will need to reboot the system with -s flag finish the Apple Setup and reboot in normal mode

* Stuck at DSMOS ? you forgot to move FakeSMC to newly install

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