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BIOS doesn't recognize my second HD with XP, but OSX...

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I've also searched the forum for a solution but unfortunatelay I didn't found one.


I have the ASUS P5LD2 Deluxe Mainboard, BIOS Version 0312.


On the PRI_IDE I use a Samsung 160Gig HD with 10.4.7 (jumpered as Master) and my Samsung-SD (jumered as Slave).


Now I wanted to use XP for some other stuff, too. So I connected the HD for XP with the PRI_EIDE/SEC_EIDE.



I know that the PRI_EIDE/SEC_EIDE weren't recognized under OSX, no prob for me, because I wanted to use XP with it.

But when I wanted to install XP and first entered the BIOS there were no second HD listed. WTF?


If I change into the HD selector in the Boot-submenu I see the HD and can select it, but it's not listed in the BIOS mainmenu.


If I boot then from the XP Install-CD I have to select an partition for the install after the license agreement screen, but the only HD listed there is the one with OSX, not the one I want to use for my XP install.


If I now cut the connection to the OSX-HD, then only the Samsung-SD is listed. Never the XP-HD.



But if I set the XP-HD instead the OSX-HD on the PRI_IDE I can install XP and use it. But same thing if I connect the OSX-HD again.



OK, any idea how I can use XP on my PC without changing the HDs on the PRI_IDE every time?

I want the XP-HD on the EIDE instead the IDE, because OSX can only use the IDE.


Thanks a lot for any solution...

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Okay, in the manual is written: 'ITE IDE connectors ("PRI_EIDE" und "SEC_EIDE") The connectors do not support ATAPI devices.'


But there is also written. 'These connectotrs are for Ultra ATA 133/100/66 signal cables....support up to four IDE hard disks.'


What does it mean? Which type of HD can I use?



+++UPDATE+++ The HD which I wanted to use with XP is an ATA33 device. So it's logic that it won't work with the controller. Simple solution: I need another HD with minimum ATA66. +++UPDATE+++

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