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I just have a few quick quick questions, Im pretty interested in trying to get OSx on my PC but I lack even the bear minimal of programming skill, so what I want to know is with my current rig would I exprience any problems? Ideally I would like OSx to be dual booting with XP Pro SP2 on its own seperate HD partition.


Currently my rig is:


AMD X2 4400+ 2.2ghz socket 939

DFI Lanparty NF4 SLI-DR

Sli'd Nvidia 7800GTX on geforce 84.21 (BFG and XFX cards)

2x1gb PQI turbo memory capable of 2-2-3-2

Creative Audigy 2 ZS


The harddrive I would would want to run from would be a Seagte Barracuda SATA, although a SATA Western Digital would be avaliable aswell,prefer not to though as the WD is a storage drive.


I hope I have provided enough information for you guys:)


Thanks for ya help:D


Edit* Just realised, the DFI drivers are nvidia 6.70 and the soundcard drivers are SBA2_PCDrvBeta_LB_2_08_0002, I also use a logitech MX518 and G15 Keyboard, both USB. These can run without the drivers from logitech, just with reduced functions....


Regarding the partition, if i mess anything up I assume I can just nuke the partition and be back to step 1? :whistle:


Cheers again! :P

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Yes, osx on nf4 problematic with sata write (reading seems quite ok for now).

Also, forget about audigy for now (unless talks resume between creative and apple, since they settled some scores recently).

But the realtek ALC850 on your board might work (does for me, better than nothing).

Also, recommending Myzar/Goatsecx dvds/patches for AMD.

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