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Weird Torrent Peers


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Ever have a torrent totally fill up with a weird peer list like this? The transfer on this torrent just completely stopped around 20%, and my peer list was full of this. Notice the IPs from the same subnets, the weird assortment of completions, the lack of connectable seeders, the old versions of Azureus (which are all the same too), and the fact that I'm getting no downstream transfer to speak of? Not only that but some pieces had a priority over 10,000. After kick/banning all of these (there were even more...around 40), I got some real peers. My guess is it's someone attempting to block torrenting. Freaky.




Stats at the tracker are {censored} too:


Peers: 97 seeders, 16 leechers, 113 total

Torrent file downloads: 57

Target file downloads: 19366

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