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Help me install Lion DP2 Please

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Hello. I have been wanting to try out Lion for a while now and I would like you guys to help me with installing it. First off, I am currently dual booting Windows 7 and SL10.6.7. I would like to set aside 30GB for Lion and keep both systems. I have 3 partitions (Windows NTFS, Mac Journaled, and System Reserved which is Windows's BOOTMGR). Can someone tell me how I should go about installing it and keeping my files? Finally, does anyone who uses Lion DP2 use a Radeon HD4650? I would like to know if it will work along with my wireless adapter. Thanks a bunch for any help.


PS: If it helps, I'm currently using Chameleon RC5 as a bootloader and I have an emergency Chameleon disk in case I need to boot into either system if my bootloader messes up.

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The latest 752 chameleon should support booting Lion, however the installation of it is nowhere as simple as other booters.

Personally i would recommend testing/installing on another drive, as things are far from working 100%


The booter i'm using, and assisting with is XPC 0.83.05, which now supports booting from a HDD (I haven't tested this, as there is no simple documentation, and the developer is quite busy with the progression of the loader)


The XPC 0.83.05 (and some previous versions) allow the installation of lion WITHOUT ANY modifications to the original DMG (which i'd previously been doing). The trickiest part is making the USB stick work


Basically it goes a little something like this


Windows; Run a tool designed for the process (never worked for me)


(existing) MacOSX; Format drive in disk utility as FAT

run DuetToHDD on the USB Key (using the disk identifier found in disk utility)

copy files from the archive of XPC 0.83.05

( I'm not sure if the DuetToHDD part is needed, as there's a small installer called XPC Boot Prepare )


Hope this helps fuel your desire to carry on :(

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Could you upload XPC 0.83.05?

Because the uploader of the original file has deleted it, and I can't get 0.85.00 to work :(

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