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Almost there KP after 10.6.6

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Ok, I got it installed and reinstalled the stuff, Im using the i3's integrated graphics and I got this. What kexts do I need to install

OR... what kexts do you need to remove to get past the KP

but before that, can you boot in safe mode?

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I can fully boot in safe mode but cant see anything but a bunch of colors and noise on the screen

Try the following:

- boot into single user mode

- do the usual file system check and re-mounting of root directory and all as read/write

- make a backup directory at root

- go to /S/L/E

- move appleintelhdgraphics.kext (and/or the other intel graphics kexts) to the backup directory

- rebuild your startup extensions.mkext

- reboot


You should be able to boot normally but without any graphics kext. Then start looking for the suitable graphics kext (if there is one).

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