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Best distro and setup for my rig?

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Ive been testing different combinations of settings and distobutions of Snow Leopard for a few hours now, had it working multiple times in the past, but I am reinstalling today (and lost the disk i had that did work). So I need some help finding the best version for my build, if anyone has an idea i need the name of it and any specific customizations I may need. PM if needed.


What I got:


Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 2.33GHz


4GB DDR3 Memory

3x640GB HDD (+300GB for windows) SATA, mainboard set to AHCI

Nvidia Geforce 460GTX SE

Realtek RTL8168 LAN

SoundBlaster Audigy Sound Card


Think thats everything. Thanks so much for any help.


EDIT: what ive tried so far is SnowLeo and IPC(IPC was 10.5)

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Retail 10.6.x DVD + suitable boot CD.


The nvidia drivers that ship with OS X has no support for your video card. You will need to update to at least 10.6.5, then install the Quadro 4000 drivers from nvidia. Until these drivers are installed you must boot with GraphicsEnabler=n - if any video injection method is active, OS X will not boot and you will be looking at a black screen. Use the monitor output that's closest to the motherboard when looking directly at the back of the PC case.


Try the Kx Project OS X driver for your sound card. Not sure if your particular model Audigy is supported (there are several different models). If not you can probably use the on-board audio, the Gigabyte EP45 series are very popular Hackintosh motherboards, with a little googling and forum searching it should be easy to get everything working.


To avoid issues with Windows, dual booting, formatting, partitioning, MBR vs GUID etc etc, install OS X to its own hard drive and use Disk Utility on your install DVD to partition and format it.


Visit the 'DSDT fixes for Gigabyte boards" thread in the DSDT subforum, it's full of useful info, and not just DSDT stuff.

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You type it at the Chameleon bootloader prompt, before booting OS X.


Try without it first. I am not familiar with the various boot CDs that are out there (I make my own) but I'm guessing most of them have GraphicsEnabler=n set already.

Having it set to =y would break compatibility not only with Fermi architecture video cards (yours) but also with many other video cards that need some additional patching done to other files before they will work properly with GraphicsEnabler or any other injection method.


Whatever you do, don't use any kind of graphics injection method until you're on at least 10.6.5 and have installed the nvidia Quadro drivers.


The situation is the same on a real Mac with a Fermi architecture video card (like the Quadro 4000). Come to think of it, on a Mac you have to use a different video card until you are at 10.6.5 and have those drivers installed.

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Alright so i finally got SnowLeo running, I was unable to get the retail DVD cause I dont have an DL DVDs around and its like 6-7GB. However, after upgrading to 10.6.7 i got the Quadro 4000 for mac drivers but the installer for them said it wasnt compatible with my card. I know it is cause i just did this last week and it was fine.. wish I could find my old disk :(


any ideas of what my next move might be?

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i got the Quadro 4000 for mac drivers but the installer for them said it wasnt compatible with my card.


No, that's not what it says. Start the installer and read the message again.


Anyway here's how you fix that:


Drag the installer mpkg off of the disk image to your desktop

Right-click, show contents (or words to that effect)

Find the file distribution.dist inside and open it with textedit

Change the model identifier requirement so that it matches the model identifier you use on your hackintosh

Save the file

Run the installer

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