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Nvidia 6600, 7300, 7900 not work in Lion with DSDT (gray screen)

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PCI-E Nvidia 6600, 7300, 7900 not work in Lion with DSDT (stuck at gray screen)


Does anyone have any experience?


I tried to use the 10.6 ones, but it end up saying "The following symbols are unresolved for..." _Biosreadbytes..

Boots but no QI/QE. I tested with photo booth, but no video can be seen when I plug in camera


I did try NVEnabler64, with 6600 and 7900 = gray screen, with 7300 it panics.. (same thing as DSDT method)

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Provided that they are supported in the nvidia drivers at all, you probably need to boot in 32-bit mode as you do with those cards in Snow Leopard. If that's even possible on Lion, I'm not touching it until it's officially released so I don't know.

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Its a framebuffer driver problem, I replaced all the kext from the Base OS install.dmg, into the installed Lion, then full res. works, but I don't think QE/CI is working though, don't know how to check it easily, beacuse there's no RSS screensaver and no Front Row..




I have isolated to these files





moving them elsewhere, the machine will boot ok.


Now I understand what Netkas blog mean..

Apple didn’t include Fermi drivers in Lion DP (Shame!!)

But, with nvidia’s Fermi drivers you can get resolution change working, just copy NVDAResman.kext and NVDAFG100hal.kext from nvidia drivers into /S/L/E/ of Lion, and remove GeForce.kext from /S/L/E/

That’s all, you will not get QE/CI because

a) Lion’s GeForce.kext doesn’t properly work with Fermi and snow’s nvdaresman (from nvidia drivers)

:) Lion’s GeForceGLDriver.bundle doesn’t work with GeForce.kext from nvidia drivers, and

c) Snow’s GeForceGLDriver.bundle (from nvidia drivers) can’t be used in Lion.

ATY_Init i posted earlier supports it just fine

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Could anyone send me adren@hotmail.it or post the file GeforceGLDriver.bundle from LION GM? thanks i'm trying to use it on snow.. i miss only this file to get working OperGl... thanks

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