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Boot Camp on Hackintosh

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Hi, I was just wondering, will Boot Camp work with a Hackintosh? When I clicked on it, it said:

You must update your computer's Boot ROM firmware before using this setup assistant.

How would I update this, if it is even possible? Thank you for any help.

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Obviously you can't install Apple firmware updates on a PC, but there is a way to make the OS think you have the latest firmware.

The message should go away if your /Extra/smbios.plist has the latest firmware version for the Mac model you are faking (that would be MP31.88Z.006C.B05.0802291410 for MacPro3,1 for example), additionally you should edit the revision key in FakeSMC.kext so that it matches the latest SMC version for that model (for MacPro3,1 that would be 01250f00 0004).

Google "Prasys editing fakesmc" (no quotes) for a nice guide on how to do that.


You can find firmware version numbers and their matching SMC revisions on the Firmware update page on Apple's website.


But first you should ask yourself why you would want to install BootCamp on a Hackintosh in the first place.


It's a PC, so what do you need Bootcamp for?


If it's because you like the way it looks, then head on over to the VoodooProjects Forum, Chameleon Themes section, and grab the bootcamp Chameleon theme.

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