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Can you install on Pentium M processors?

Sky Surfer

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I have a Penitum M - SEE2, but not PAE.


I've been trying to narrow down if it's possible for me to install one of the ISOs (preferably through VMWARE, natively otherwise). At the moment, through VMWare, if I keep PAE off, it tells me the guest OS needs PAE, and if I turn it on, it says PAE doesn't work for me.


I tried:

- Hot ISO 10.4.6

- MyZ 10.4.4


I'm curious about the following:

- Is there a release that allows you to install without PAE?

- How do I know what "fixes" are in JaS or Hot ISO released? Is that something you can choose once you're into the install process, or is it something you have to choose from the boot menu initially (Press F8, enter -v for example).


Thanks for the help!

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