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is there a way to disable primary graphic card in dsdt.aml

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Hi all,


I have a hp notebook with hybrid graphic card, one is intel hd 4500 if i remember well and the other is ati mobility 5470

I cannot switch off the intel graphic from bios no option at all (if I read well it's because GPU is integrated in CPU)


I have a dsdt.aml that Mald0n kindly made me


My question is....is there a way to switch off integrated intel graphic card or make it seen as secondary

card instead of primary through dsdt.aml?


As there are some kind of drivers for ati but there is no drivers at all for intel and SL is limited to 1024 x 768 and obviously no hardware acceleration


Many thanks


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remove in dsdt offending device? and probably change a register somewhere. fun.

i get general idea of where to fix ,just havent done it.

seen it done in linux.

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..yes I found on linux some method..


look at these..from a linux website


Please keep providing DSDT.dsl information in this bug report:


This is the list of calls to turn off the switchable graphics card in Linux so far:











If you haven't tried the switchable graphics feature in Linux yet, have a look at your DSDT.dsl file. With a bit of luck, you may be able to identify one of the methods above.



i tried




in my dsdt..but didn't work...anyway I'm not an expert in dsdt..so probably I made 99% for sure an error




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